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Anderson, Robert

January 3, 2012

in my fragility
i often bereft my very breath of life
of all the wonderment left by dreams--
induce myself
into a tragic, tragic beauty
echoing my heart's sheer deservings

immortal tracings of longing
somehow aurify the crevices left in my soul
by all i have ever known simply
to versify their very essence
to the surface of each willing page

i sense far more in only
the most romantic of poets:
days of yore when the Promethean bard
[Shelly] crossed in his own self
the fine line between heaven and earth,
Keats with his melancholic breathlessness still rests
deeply within my heart;
oh, how they remain my unsurpassed favorites

and so, you see
i am but a humble man whose been bred
completely in the pulsating depth
of poetry

may i pertain to this

By: Robert Anderson

Ever and Again

shadows aggravate
my heart,
love seems so far away --
so far, so far
and i am lost
beneath the blue veil
of my dreams

i'll linger awhile,
torn, lost without
i never actually knew yet
fantasied of

no matter how
elegance no longer laces
through all i once held near
i'll wander through and search
for you

'til breath becomes the chill
the air accumulates through
its pale frigidness and
tears fall while
memories loom

i'll sit here and watch
the craving earth
the fragmented rain
and want more
to escape
my very breath of life

ever... and again

By: Robert Anderson

I Swear (I Love You)

November 30, 2011

emotion escapes from what was just
a love-lit haven --
darkness bequeaths sufficiently,
like as all my embracing thoughts,
to drown the surrendering earth

it moans for you,
oh, for how eloquence formalizes in
the way you've expired
[as all angels know]
that unforgiving puddles articulate their sting
from the windows of my own secret-self
while i aim to glance meagerly
into your depth

dreams aren't enough
yet all i have to ever hold you anymore
as you lay appealingly amid the bed we made
breathing in your satisfaction
for how you graced such denouement into light

i yearn you again-- have always yearned you and pray
it is enough to ever take you in

because until the day i die
i'll ever confide in only you...
your beauty: my aphrodisiac

and i swear i love you.

Robert Anderson

The Void

October 30, 2011
or so they say when i recite
each droplet of beauty i found deep
in your gilded soul

'til a smidgen of high finds my heart
while goose bumps
trace the depthlessness of my skin;
the very rock i knew and depended on
still remains only

and all my dreams lingered until...
oh, until you became
vacantly silent and refused
to tell me why; your blushing lips
closed tightly to the world

still i'll kiss you gently on your forehead
then whisper to you of our romance
so that it echoes throughout your
sweet breath of life, dear lover

it's crazy how easily someone so blameless,
so soothing, and fragile
could be lured into unhappy shadows

why didn't you tell me?
i couldn't have possibly
read your mind

but i watched as the blue devils
that haunted your thoughts
prodded through
then found the flaws which adorned
the nakedness of your secret self

i miss you and still
see us dancing in the rain,
my heart was more restless then
you became the voice that resonated in me...
do you remember?

but now as i sit here wondering if you hear me
i ponder whether or not
to expel my red essence
and if that could save me from this
hurt... the blade looks so, so friendly now

and while i quietly trace along the verge
of these mangled veins
my eyes let loose my teary spirit
and gift me with absolutely no previous comfort

'i love you...' is all i sense i can utter
as my fingers tangle violently
in my oily raven hair

and so, i do through the intensities of it all...
i love you and
that is all there is.

By: Robert Anderson

My Beautiful Moira

September 13, 2011

undying angel, my sweetest gift,
there are no shadows that can veil you away from me

for how easily you have ever,
ever reduced me softly to my secret self
through tears of joy and of no sweeter sorrow
than how my lips remain ungifted
to touch your very own

i have vowed to love you... secretly;
you, my beautiful Moira...

and i truly, truly do.

By: Robert Anderson


August 20, 2011

in an empty room,
i bleed my soul into another
vague possibility

the buttermilk skies
paint a beautiful scene while
the sleepy sun gleams one last time
into this sacrificial prison

confusion swells while
binding me to my most distant
haunting moment:
the night
she lifted the veil from my
fragmented heart.

make an effort to silence
the echo and yet,
it looms undyingly of consent

i sense i've now become
what i feared the most


By: Robert Anderson


Avila, Adriana

Dream Catcher

June 12, 2012

Confidant of my life
guardian of my sleep
You hang above my bed
and protect me while I dream.

The good within my heart
is captured by my soul
The malign on the other side
is launched into a black hole.

Feathers and beads elaborate
your wisdom and essence
As my visions are sheltered
by the shield of your presence.

Forever in my heart
til the end of time
You shall sway through the wind
in a light so sublime

Step by step, dream catcher
my beloved friend
You take me by the hand
day by day... til the end.

By: Adriana Avila


Bosc, Michael

Political Feathers
April 10, 2012

I have a brother Kenneth who just will not behave
Sitting in the laburnum tree singing to my brother
Telling him how naughty he is according to our mother
He sits in the tamarisk tree singing and tweeting back at me
Calm as calm as he can be sitting in that tamarisk tree
Laughing at the world he sees and passing comments if you please
About my life of often ease whilst we sit here in these trees
Life for us is good he agrees for we have time to sing and tease
We fight with each other in front of others
But in front of mum we must be good brothers
Why are they so difficult these mothers
Ours was once a politician upset Ken oh what a pother
My wife thinks Ken is far too dull he's still a bachelor and to her no fun
But between you and my mother I think he's got it right by gum
Whereas me I just go out and have fun cheers up others who are glum
We have the odd words now and then when I chase him off just like a hen
We will keep it up you know so other birds don't know which way to go
My shouting at him when he's wrong is how we brothers get along
So here's to Ken my wayward brother I love you 'bro just don't tell mother

By: Michael Bosc


Bossy, Maylee

The Lack of Inspiration is Inspiration Enough

May 10, 2012

One touch;
One thought;
One thought fragment..

It's enough to spark the flame
Soon becoming a conflagration
Tearing through my veins
And burning at my finger tips
Until I type the

One poem

That releases the sparks that day generated
But there is always going to be

One time

That series of uneventful events
Where you can predict the unpredictable,
The inspiration is uninspired,
And previous ideas aren't important

An idea is only relevant if it is being thought upon
And every waking morning is an idea,
A flicker of inspiration,
Waiting to be that

One thought fragment;
One thought;
One touch..

By: Maylee Bossy


Broughton, Catherine

June, 2013

My mother 1918-2010

My mother is like a fragile bird,
I hold her in the palm of my hand
So fearful lest she should fall.

Worried eyes, trembling heart.
How to prevent or reassure when
There's no halting Age's call?

And the filmy wings, thin-feathered
No longer fly, fly, fly
The way they did behind it all.

(written a year or so before she died)

By: Catherine Broughton
Turquoise Moon

February, 2013

The Child

The sun slides off your fair hair
Touches your shoulder and falls
To the pebbles by your toes.
Wide-eyed, you clutch the leaf
Touch the caterpillar,
Hold it to your nose
And laugh. That laugh –
That fills my heart, little guy,
Tiny white teeth and chocolate
Around your mouth. And hugs.
Hugs for me with grubby hands
For life and laughter but most of all
The pleasure of finding bugs.

By: Catherine Broughton
Turquoise Moon

March, 2013
The Cleaning Lady

She’s not the sharpest tool in the box,
Our June. But she cleans well,
If rather slowly. Talks a lot.
Has a lot to tell.
I listen patiently, try to pretend
Some interest, poor duck.
She sips her tea, and hoovers,
Has always had bad luck,
But she’s a cheerful soul,
And grateful. Likes the work, takes pride.
Gives her a focus, some money,
Needed since her husband died.

She’s not the brightest button in the box,
Our June. Quite simple, that little smile,
Glad of the work, and merry,
Oh, she can take quite a while
With the simplest chore, our June.
But I keep her on. No choice.
She needs me most, and I listen
To her quiet chatty voice
As she makes her way round my house,
Never wants to finish soon.
Simple soul, bless her, bless.
Not very bright, our June.

By: Catherine Broughton


April, 2013

She left

Love is made of glass, so quickly shattered
He thought he'd made a mistake.
She left so suddenly, never a word,
He hadn't realized she wouldn't take
Any more of that anger, that snapping dog
That he is when crossed.
She left. He lost.

Love is made of glass, suddenly broken
He always patched it up later. Soften.
How could she just go, just leave, after all
This time? It was just once too often,
The unkind word, the narrowed eyes.
This is the cost:
She left. He lost.

By: Catherine Broughton



April, 2013

Grief is the colour of the sky
Just before the rain.
My friends, your silent tears,
Your faces full of pain.
And I know I cannot comfort you
Nor even see you again.

Loss is the colour of a rainbow
Aching, arching, teary-eyed.
All the things that were, now gone,

So much love you cried.
What can a mother say
To a mother of a son who has died ?


Carty, Fergus

February 2, 2013

My moustache tickles her skin.
Her shoulders,
Her neck,
I kiss…
To her every breath,
Each beat of her heart,
I rise and fall,
In her embrace….

By: Fergus Carty


There are kisses….
Those kisses….
The lightest, softest…
in duration briefest.
The barest touching,
on skin lingering.
Speaking of the bond,
between a woman and a man.

By: Fergus Carty


Hacking, Pierce


February 28, 2013

*Someone whose eyes are captivating and whose eyes leave you unable to look away.”

I’m spellbound each time I look in your eyes.
With every glance my butterflies rise.
I become transfixed when I lock your gaze.
Your glowing iris leaves me in a daze.
I feel like you see through my very soul.
When I see you I feel perfectly whole.
I feel blest to see your eyes’ perfect hue.
You’ve had me since I first laid eyes on you.
Your eyes shine brighter than the beaming sea.
You make my heart stop when you look through me.
Your hypnotizing eyes leave me entranced.
My heart has lost control each time you’ve glanced.
Your shining eyes control my beating heart.
Disfavor in them would tear it apart.

By: Pierce Hacking

Hacking, Pierce

Why You Should Truly Be Mine

August 20, 2011

Loving you unleashes fury within.
Your spellbinding eyes free a tortured heart.
When we talk your soft words make my head spin.
Your perfection is unparalleled art.
My heart feels free but my mind feels bound tight.
An unrequited love leaves me like this.
I can't comprehend how I feel so right.
My heart's desire is one fiery kiss.
I want you in my arms under the stars.
I'll be the one to shield you from the dark.
If you felt the same I'd never be far.
I'd give anything just to make that spark.
Your unrivaled beauty weakens my soul.
In my mind I want this weakness to change.
Without you my heart can never be whole.
Your torturous bliss makes my mind act strange.
Great dreams of you fill my head all the time.
Missing you is why I'm awake all hours.
When you look at me my world feels sublime.
I ache for a life that we can call ours.
I'll always be there to give you shelter.
To win your heart I would walk through hell's fires.
Thoughts of you would never let me swelter.
I'd do anything for my heart's desire.
My love of you makes me feel like a god.
For your love I'd find a way to the moon.
Without your love I'm just another poor sod.
Just that I can think of you is a boon.
To win your heart I'd find a way to fly.
With your blessing I know I'd find the wings.
Without it I'm stuck to helplessly lie.
I'm your hopeless puppet caught by the strings.
I'm your marionette caught in the breeze.
My weak heart can't fight a puppet master.
Only holding you would I feel at ease.
Only then would I cure this disaster.
I'd give the world for the touch of your lips.
I'll do all you ask to hold your soft skin.
I'm helpless by the motion of your hips.
No matter what I try I cannot win.
With words I can't hope to tame this devil.
But you leave me helpless to try to act.
I long for this love to reach new levels.
I don't know how it can with my mind intact.
You're a succubus controlling my world.
This love is poison running through my veins.
Soon this raging venom will leave me curled.
I pray my efforts are not made in vain.
The chance to be yours would be a godsend.
You'd be in my heart long after I'm dead.
This burning desire can't possibly end.
You're all that matters in this hopeless head.
The comfort you give is why I need you.
Your gorgeous smile lights up my very life.
That alone makes all this worth going through.
To me you're worth all the anguish and strife.
I'm lucky you grace me with your beauty.
You give my weak heart cathartic release.
Making you feel perfect is my duty.
I desperately want you to feel this peace.
No words can truly express how I feel.
I've never felt so hopelessly in love.
Thoughts of you force my broken heart to heal.
To win you I'd scale the heavens above.
All the angels would not stand in my way.
All of God's power would not be enough.
You'd give me the strength to fight them away.
You'll get me through whenever times are rough.
All I ask is to return the favor.
I'll be your knight in glistening armor.
This undying love will never waver.
I want to be more than just a charmer.
I want to be your rock and protector.
I want to be who gets to act as your shield.
I'll love you even when we're both specters.
My burning love for you will never yield.
The absence of your love makes my heart ache.
I need you to see how I love you so.
I need you to know how you make me quake.
I long for the chance to let this love grow.
I hate being snagged in these binding chains.
I dream of my heart being allowed out.
I want it to escape all of this pain.
I want it to make you free of all doubt.
I don't even know how this all began.
I don't know how you gained such a great hold.
All I know is I want to be your man.
I want to be your shelter from the cold.
When you're with me you'll never feel alone.
I'll give you everything to make you smile.
You'll be the queen I'll call my very own.
I just want you to stay with me awhile.
When I'm with you I never want to leave.
You make me feel like I'm truly alive.
Without you my heart does nothing but grieve.
Without you my heart struggles to survive.
Your infinite beauty leaves me awestruck.
Your presence alone is all that I need.
Maybe loving you is a stroke of luck.
You have given my heart purpose to plead.
You deserve to feel like you're on cloud nine.
All this is why you should truly be mine.

By: Pierce Hacking


Jones, Joey

Seasons of My Soul
May, 2013

The spring such a perfect reminisce
of youthful play in sweet fields of bliss
a myriad of dreams with wanderlust
a child's innocence of purity and trust.

The sun did rise and bells did ring,
each day something new did bring
worries and cares, so little so few
think time, playtime, suppertime too

The world spun the spring's sun set
the lad became as the child he slept
in the dawn the summer's sun did show
these are the seasons of my soul.

The summer a wondrous reflection
of friendships and plans for perfection
an experiment with life's finer things
a youth's excitement filled with flings.

The sun did rise and the clocks did tick
living in the day engrossed in the frolic
my songs were sung, my stories told true
of friends, of pain, and of love too.

The world spun the summer's sun set
the man became as the lad he slept
in the dawn the autumn's sun did show
these are the seasons of my soul.

The autumn in contemplation's awe
of all that will be and all that I saw
living the dreams, planting the seeds
of what will be of my legacy's deeds.

The sun will rise the sand will fall
each day for them I will do my all
they are my dreams, dreamed anew
A wife, two sons, and a daughter too.

The world will spin the autumn's sun set
an old man will be where the man had slept
in the dawn the winter's sun will show
these are the seasons of my soul.

The winter a time for peaceful reflect
on a life I hope lived with little regret
taking time to enjoy my life's attain
living what's left before the wane.

The sun will rise just before the toll
celebrate with me before you condole
I want you all to see before it's through
I lived, I loved, and I played too.

The world will turn the winter's sun set
a memory will be where I once slept
in the dawn His Son will show
these are the seasons of my soul.

By: Joey Jones 2012

Mahoney, Donal

Waiting for the Umpire
April, 2013

Ralph never planned on dying
but when he did, he was swept away
like a child's kite blown astray.

When he arrived at his destination,
he heard angels singing, harps playing
and Louis Armstrong on the trumpet

so he figured this must be heaven.
A nice old man at the gate, however,
waved him away without directions.

This confused Ralph until he found
an open window in the basement,
climbed in and found an elevator

that took him to the top floor.
There a smiling angel with big wings
walked him up a thousand concrete stairs

and showed him to an empty seat.
Ralph was in the bleachers now
with millions of others, simply waiting.

None of them had a cushion to sit on.
But down in the padded box seats
Ralph saw rabbis, priests and ministers

sitting in the front row, simply waiting.
His barber, Al, was sitting with them.
For 30 years Al had been asking Ralph

while trimming his few remaining tufts of hair
if he had finally been saved or was he still lost.
Ralph would always tell Al he believed in God

but that every year he cheated on his taxes.
Sin is sin, Ralph would quietly point out.
Faith is all you need, Al would shout.

Seeing his barber now in the front row,
Ralph figured that maybe Al had stopped
cheating on his dying wife.

Otherwise, Ralph figured, Al would be sitting
in the cheap seats, waiting with everyone else
in the amphitheater for the Umpire to appear.

By: Donal Mahoney

Lady Goulds

May, 2013

Moving from Chicago to Missouri wasn't easy
but breeding Lady Goulds kept me sane
for many years--well, almost.

I was writing then to make a living.
All day I'd rearrange other people's words.
I needed Lady Goulds to look at

in the evening and most weekends.
Otherwise I might have married
some nice lady for the wrong reason.

Right now, a canary helps me dance
away the years or days or hours
I have to face before

I take on a cane or walker.
The canary calls the dawn with glee.
Lady Goulds, you see, don't sing.

They don't have to.
All they have to do is sit there
as if Mondrian painted them

or God lifted a pinkie on the 7th day.
The beauty of the Lady Gould,
some say, is the result of evolution.

There was no grand designer,
most scientists maintain.
The Lady Gould is one big accident

that happened eons ago.
I find it comforting to stare at them
and know otherwise.

By: Donal Mahoney


Mohan, Rosmin Elsa


April 15, 2012

I once dreamt of an open field,
The bareness of which alone did shield,
A shadow so frail, in a shadow as such
I thought as much.

I felt it again on my bed at night
Darkness; through which I saw the light
Silence - to feel; and to feel so weak,
Silence, I think I heard her speak.

The crowd through which I made my way,
Gave me a second to poise it through
Shouts around, though I felt them nay,
The Me within, in silence too.

The hours of solace so gifted in tune,
A language unworldly, (beyond the moon!)
To realize it though, you need the frame,
Simple at first, Patienceae the name.

Foes though come, are conquered all.
In her skin, she does stand tall,
Nae it is, but more a bridge
Vain and slain, together abridged.

As every dawn turns the key,
Feel her true for a minute or two:
The price of it, without much ado,
Reflects around in the eyes you see!

By: Rosmin Elsa Mohan

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