May 6, 2013

Am I To Lose You?

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--Description: 19th C, Bevington L.S., Friendship, Life, Love-- 

‘Am I to lose you now?’ The words were light;
You spoke them, hardly seeking a reply,
That day I bid you quietly ‘Good-bye,’
And sought to hide my soul away from sight.
The question echoes, dear, through many a night,—
My question, not your own—most wistfully;
‘Am I to lose him?’asked my heart of me;
‘Am I to lose him now, and lose him quite?’

And only you can tell me. Do you care
That sometimes we in quietness should stand
As fellow-solitudes, hand firm in hand,
And thought with thought and hope with hope compare?
What is your answer? Mine must ever be,
‘I greatly need your friendship: leave it me.’

Louisa Sarah Bevington

--Did You Know: (5/18/1845-11/28/1895) Louisa Bevington was born into a Quaker family on 18th May 1845, in St. John’s Hill, Battersea. The occupation of her father was described as a “gentleman”. She was the oldest of eight children, seven of whom were girls. She started writing verse at an early age. Not long after she published her second volume of poems in 1882, she went to Germany and in 1883 married a Munich artist Ignatz Felix Guggenberger. The marriage lasted less than 8 years and she returned to London in 1890. She began to frequent anarchist circles, restarting her career under her maiden name. By the mid-1890s, Bevington knew many London anarchists and was recognized as an anarchist poet. She probably became acquainted with anarchism through meeting Charlotte Wilson, who had jointly founded the anarchist paper Freedom in 1886. Read more at: L. S. Bevington

--Word of the Day: imprest \IM-prest\, noun:
an advance of money; loan.
By law the whole of the seafaring population of Britain was liable to serve the King at sea, and if a man was given an "imprest" or advance payment by a King's agent — "taking the King's shilling" — he had to serve.
-- Dudley Pope, Decision at Trafalgar, 1999imprest \IM-prest\, noun:

--Quote of the Day: Whatever you can do, or dream you can, Begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it, Begin it now.
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

--Language Arts: une broutille (broo-tee) / a trifle, a small matter, a little thing, nothing
Ils se sont disput├ęs pour une broutille. They got in a fight over a little matter.

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