February 11, 2012

The Swallow

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--Description: 20th C, Coleridge M.E., Nature, Seasons-- 
Come back to me my swallow
And leave me not forlorn,
Into the woods I follow
The footsteps of the morn.

I thread the rustling hollow
Before the day is born,
Come back to me my swallow
And leave me not forlorn!

The light was dark without thee,
My bird of April days,
I almost came to doubt thee
When thou hadst gone thy ways --

The sunshine round about thee --
Into the land of rays.
The light was dark without thee,
My bird of April days.

Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

--Did You Know: Mary Elizabeth Coleridge (23 September 1861 – 25 August 1907) was a British novelist and poet, who also wrote essays and reviews. She taught at the London Working Women's College for twelve years from 1895 to 1907. She wrote poetry under the pseudonym Anodos, taken from George MacDonald; other influences on her were Richard Watson Dixon and Christina Rossetti. Coleridge published five novels, the best known of those being The King with Two Faces, which earned her £900 in royalties in 1897. She travelled widely throughout her life, although her home was in London, where she lived with her family. Mary Coleridge was the great-grandniece of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the great niece of Sara Coleridge, the author of Phantasmion. She died from complications arising from appendicitis while on holiday in Harrogate in 1907, leaving an unfinished manuscript for her next novel, and hundreds of unpublished poems. Read more at: Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

--Word of the Day: natheless \NEYTH-lis\, adverb:
Natheless, it was I who did educate Miss Lucy in all useful learning.
-- Sir Walter Scott, Guy Mannering

--Quote of the Day: Yesterday is ashes.
Tomorrow is green wood.
Only today does the fire burn brightly.
- Eskimo Proverb

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