February 16, 2010

Tuesday Twin Sonnets

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Enjoy a sonnet duo to bring pleasure to your day!

My Love Is Like To Ice
--Description: 16th C, Spenser E., Adoration, Love, Sonnet--

My Lady Carries Love Within Her Eyes
--Description: 14th C, Alighieri D., Adoration, Love, Sonnet--

--Poetry Terminology: Ellipsis-
Refers to any omitted part of speech that is understood; i.e. the omission is intentional. Analogously, in printing and writing, the term refers to the row of three dots (...) or asterisks (* * *) indicating such an intentional omission.

--Word of the Day: propinquity\pruh-PING-kwih-tee\ , noun;
1.Nearness in place; proximity.
2.Nearness in time.
3.Nearness of relation; kinship.
Following the race he took umbrage at Stewart's rough driving so early in the day, and the propinquity of the two drivers' haulers allowed the Kid to express his displeasure up close and personal.
-Mark Bechtel, "Getting Hot", Sports Illustrated, December 6, 2000

--Quote of the Day: All is amiss. Love is dying, faith's defying, heart's denying.
-Richard Barnfield

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Posted by V. Mahfood
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