December 19, 2009

Terrific Two of the Week: 12/14-12/18/09

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So many intriguing poems by various poets have been covered this week. Here is a recap, and my two favorite poems of the week. What were YOURS? Which poets are your favorites?  Leave a comment with your  thoughts, and let me know which classic you would like to see. The two, terrific poems of the week for me were:

--Ceremonies for Christmas and --The Cap and Bells

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December 14, 2009
Sonnet: On The Sonnet
--Description: 19th C, Keats J., Sonnet--

December 15, 2009
The Grave and the Rose
--Description: 19th C, Hugo V., Death, Life--

December 16, 2009
Ceremonies for Christmas
--Description: 17th C, Herrick R., Holidays, Seasons--

December 17, 2009
In The Bleak MidWinter

--Description: 19th C, Rossetti C., Christianity, Christmas, Holidays, Seasons--

December 18, 2009
The Cap and Bells
--Description: 20th C, Yeats W. B., Adoration, Love--

Weekend Haiku:

"Blessings sprinkled round
This wondrous season of love
Filled with miracles."

V. Mahfood


--Word of the Day: cogitate \KOJ-uh-tayt\, intransitive verb:
1. To think deeply or intently; to ponder; to meditate.
2. To think about; to ponder on; to meditate upon; to plan or plot.
As she waited in the prison anteroom to be admitted, Bitsey read background file clippings from NEWS Magazine's morgue and cogitated on the idea of knowing one's exact date of death beforehand.
-Dewey Gram, The Life of David Gale

--Quote of the Day: Now, the essence, the very spirit of Christmas is that we first make believe a thing is so, and lo, it presently turns out to be so.
-Stephen Leacock

--TRIVIA FUN:What regional accent did Americans deem sexiest, most liked and most recognizable?

Where was the Cubist art movement founded?

Answer: Paris

...SEE THE NEXT POST for today's Answer...

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