August 1, 2009

Terrific Two of the Week: 7/26/09 - 7/31/09

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So many intriguing poems by various poets have been covered this week, it's time to re-discover all the beautiful things written. Here is a recap, and my two favorite poems of the week. What were YOURS? The two, terrific poems of the week for me:

--The Schoolboy and Summer (Clare)--

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July 27, 2009
Summer Sun
--Description: 19th C, Stevenson R.L ., Nature, Seasons--

July 28, 2009
--Description: 19th C, Clare J., Love, Nature, Seasons--

July 29, 2009
The Schoolboy
--Description: 19th C, Blake W., Children, Nature, Seasons--

July 30, 2009
--Description: 20th C, Lowell A., Nature, Seasons--

July 31, 2009
The Sound of Trees
--Description: 20th C, Frost R., Aging, Nature--

--Word of the Day: ineffable \in-EF-uh-buhl\, adjective:
1. Incapable of being expressed in words; unspeakable; unutterable; indescribable.
2. Not to be uttered; taboo.
. . .the tension inherent in human language when it attempts to relate the ineffable, see the invisible, understand the incomprehensible.
-Jeffrey Burton Russell, A History of Heaven

--Quote of the Day: If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
-John Quincy Adams

--French Word of the Day: glorious (adj)
1. (view, weather) magnifique;
2. (holiday) merveilleux/-euse;
3. (illustrious) glorieux/-ieuse.

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Posted by V. Mahfood
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