July 25, 2009

Terrific Two of the Week: 7/18-7/24/09

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So many intriguing poems by various poets have been covered this week, it's time to re-discover all the beautiful things written. Here is a recap, and my  two favorite poems of the week.  What were YOURS? The two, terrific poems of the week for me in no particular order were:

--Desiderata and Passion --

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July 18, 2009
Cheerfulness Taught By Reason
--Description: 19th C, Browning E.B., Encouragement, Hope--

July 20, 2009
--Description: 20th C, Ehrmann, M., Encouragement, Hope, Peace--

July 21, 2009
An English Breeze
--Description: 19th C, Stevenson R.L ., Christianity, Nature, Patriotism--

July 22, 2009
Love Song
--Description: 20th C, Yeats W.B., Love, Nature

July 23, 2009
--Description: 19th C, Brontë C., Love, Passion--

July 24, 2009
The More Loving One
--Description: 20th C, Auden W.H., Love, Nature--

--Word of the Day: mellifluous \muh-LIF-loo-us\, adjective:
Flowing as with honey; smooth; flowing sweetly or smoothly; as, a mellifluous voice.
The balladeer whose mellifluous voice serenaded two generations of lovers.
-Margo Jefferson, "Unforgettable", New York Times, December 26, 1999

--Quote of the Day: Everything starts with yourself -- with you making up your mind about what you're going to do with your life. I tell kids that it's a cruel world, and that the world will bend them either left or right, and it's up to them to decide which way to bend.
-Tony Dorsett

--French Word of the Day: melodic (adj)
melodic (adj) mélodique
melodic (musical) (adj) musical
melodic (pleasing melody)(adj) mélodieux
melodic line ligne mélodique

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Posted by V. Mahfood
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