May 5, 2009

On The Rising of the Sun

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Let the delightful words of this beautiful poem,
charm and inspire your busy day.

--Description: 17th C, Bunyan J., Christianity--

Look, look, brave Sol doth peep up from beneath,
Shows us his golden face, doth on us breathe;
He also doth compass us round with glories,
Whilst he ascends up to his highest stories.
Where he his banner over us displays,
And gives us light to see our works and ways.
Nor are we now, as at the peep of light,
To question, is it day, or is it night?
The night is gone, the shadows fled away,
And we now most sure are that it is day.
Our eyes behold it, and our hearts believe it;
Nor can the wit of man in this deceive it.
And thus it is when Jesus shows his face,
And doth assure us of his love and grace.

John Bunyan

--Did You Know: Bunyan was born at Harrowden (one mile southeast of Bedford, in the Parish of Elstow, England. He was baptized John Bunyan, on November 30, 1628 as recorded in the Elstow parish register. The family has a long history in England.

--Word of the Day: sangfroid \sang-FRWAH\ , noun
Meaning: Freedom from agitation or excitement of mind; coolness in trying circumstances; calmness.
Example: The Treasury Secretary's sang-froid in moments of crisis.
("Keeping the Boom From Busting", New York Times, July 19, 1998)

--Quote of the Day: The church has been brought into the same value system as the world: fame, success, materialism and celebrity. We watch the leading churches and the leading Christians for our cues. We want to emulate the best known preachers with the biggest sanctuaries and the grandest edifices. Preoccupation with these values has perverted the church's message.
(Chuck Colson)

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Ronald P. Chavez said...

Up From the Downside

There will always be blackbirds of sorrow
That fly round our heads and all about
Determined to stir the torrents and torments of doubt
Let not the dark birds of misery
Nest in our hearts
For they will forever flutter and spite one’s life
And never wing away
In the end it is only what we truly know and think
Deep down and well grounded
In our own way will our own destiny hold sway
Seek song birds
Watch butterflies
Be alert to the will of the wind
And the wily play of shadows
Seek moments of silence
Dance with peacocks in brilliant colors
Be one with the sun
Stay in tune with the moon
Trust we must when
God’s peace shall descend to atone
For one’s unbelief and mistrust
How long must we search
How far should we look?
To land
In a garden of fragrant flowers

V. Mahfood on May 5, 2009 at 9:20 PM said...

This is very beautiful with great images and metaphors. I do love "The blackbirds of sorrow". The contrast in the beginning is well set off by "The Garden of fragrant flowers" ending. You must start your own poetry blog if you don't yet have one!

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