March 9, 2009

Let Me In On The Scene

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--Description: Mahfood V., 21st C, Love

Now tell me, Great Lover, just where I stand,
What I mean to you, my Handsome Man!
And tell me exactly all that you want from me,
Don't leave me guessing secrets until eternity.

Sometimes I am certain your emotions don't exist,
Love is a state composed of physical bliss.
Well if that is the case, let me in on the scene,
Because when it comes to love, I can be so mean.

So often I am painfully smothered in depression,
If you truly love me, just give me the right impression.
I hate myself passionately for always giving in,
But as long as you're around, you know you'll always win.

Sometimes I want desperately to hug you very tight,
Yet I must restrain myself for I should be "dignified".
And I always want to hold you and never let you go,
When you're gone, my tears are torrents in a never-ending flow.

Please save me from uncertainty and put me in the light.
Why won't you be a darling and set my heart in flight?
If only I could mean to you all that you are to me,
How ecstatic and happy I know surely I would  be!

             V. Mahfood

--Word of The Day: catholicon (kuh-THOL-i-kuhn), noun
Meaning: A panacea or cure-all.
Example: "In the end, even the most intrusive measures will not be foolproof: there is no verification catholicon. But perfect verification is as illusory as it is unnecessary."
(Bruce Van Voorst; Arms Control; Time (New York); Jul 31, 1989.)

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