February 7, 2009

You Are A Tear and a Smile

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--Description: Mahfood V., 21st C, Adoration, Love, Separation--

For me you are both a tear and a smile,
Feelings exquisitely beautiful.
A tear so soothing to heal sadness within me,
And a smile setting my spirit free.

I would not change my sorrow for the joy of the world,
For tears cleanse my heart with understanding.
Yet I would shout my joy from the heavens to all,
For the wind to bind my love to you in thrall.

The life of the clouds is a parting and meeting,
Again a tear and a smile.
You were a gift bestowed by heaven and snatched away,
Will I ever find you again some day?

Heavy are my eyes with the wine of tears
When I remember our past together.
I see you when dreaming, and kiss you in my aloneness,
You are are my dearest half, making me smile in remembrance.

Love has opened our eyes and made us its servants,
It will grant us the blessing of patience.
And for our meeting will I wait in great anticipation,
To end the torment and doubt of separation.

           V. Mahfood
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