February 20, 2009

A Night to Remember

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--Description: Mahfood V., 21st C, Humanity, Love, Passion

In the early hours of the morning
The birds began to trill their songs,
Singing such sweet melodies of old
To Phoebus' fiery chariot of gold.

I lay content upon my downy pillows,
The gentle warmth of love suffusing me.
And as I turned in the arms of my man,
The cool air caressed me with soothing hands.

The bottle of wine dominated the table,
With ruby drops splashed on our goblets.
While the silver platters of uneaten food,
Implied the passionate nature last night of our mood.

I gently smoothed my lover's hair
Seeing the peace with which he slept.
And the love in my heart strengthened my soul,
As I saw my beloved in this vulnerable role.

A deep sigh broke the stillness as my life flowed into his.
I watched as he wakened, to meet his loving eyes.
A glow suffused  my body for I knew now as always,
We were destined for each other, it was meant to be this way.

V. Mahfood

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