December 2, 2008

Journey Through Time

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You sat still upon the silver sands that carpeted the beach,
And gloried in the maddened breeze that lashed against your chest.
The tangy air was kissing you; if only it was I,
While the waters curled around your feet in streams of bright sapphire.

Hidden by the emerald palms
I saw sorrow capture your eyes,
That gazed at the world without real sight,
That held pain and knowledge far inside.

And as I looked, magic gripped me with its unrelenting hands,
I revealed myself so I could come to you.
And seeing you weren't alone flashed within and woke your mind,
I waited cloaked in terror, afraid to look into your eyes.

I remember walking slowly on through plains of soft, white snow.
And exploding lights around me painting pictures, sketching time.
Yet reaching for you always across continents of space,
Till panic lent me wings and I whirled swiftly to your side.

On arrival, I was mute so I sank numbly to the sand,
Yet you raised my head so I could see the meaning in your eyes.
And such sweet feeling flooded me, I saw you understood...
You had waited and yearned for me, I never dreamed you would.

              V. Mahfood

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